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Homecooked meals to savour

At Brooklands, we are passionate about providing a varied, nutritious and wonderfully appetising array of food for our residents which supports positive health and wellbeing.

Our dedicated and experienced team works closely with residents to capture people’s favourite foods which are then freshly prepared and mirror the seasons to ensure we are able to feature fresh fruit and vegetables when they are at their best.

Breakfast consists of a choice of cereals, fruit, porridge, toast and preserves as well as a full English breakfast with grilled bacon, sausages, eggs cooked to residents’ liking, baked beans and tomatoes. A full continental breakfast with mouth-watering pastries is served twice weekly at our Breakfast Club.

Residents enjoy their main meal at lunchtime, starting with some fresh fruit juice or glass of sherry as an appetiser. There are at least two freshly cooked hot meal options, followed by a dessert. Menus are updated regularly to reflect the best of seasonal produce whilst giving plenty of choice and variety. Firm favourites include creamy lasagne and fresh vegetables, traditional fish and chips, and minted roast lamb with all the trimmings, followed by tempting sweets such as home-cooked fruit crumbles with vanilla custard, creamy cheesecakes, mouth-watering sponge puddings, refreshing sorbets and cheese and biscuits.

A lighter hot meal is served for supper at 5pm. This includes a selection of freshly made sandwiches, jacket potatoes with a choice of fillings, heartwarming soup, and seasonal salads. For those with a sweet tooth we also always have a dessert option such a delicious homemade cake, yogurt, and fresh fruit.

During all meals, we ensure we meet the needs of our residents who have special dietary requirements or cultural preferences – ensuring everyone has appetising, balanced meals which they are able to enjoy and savour.

And, throughout the day we have a selection of hot and cold drinks and biscuits as well as snacks and freshly home-baked cakes to enjoy for afternoon tea whilst beer and wine is on offer during lunch and dinner.

An experience to enjoy

As with our entire approach to life at Brooklands, our residents are encouraged to choose where they would like to enjoy their meals.

For those people who enjoy a more leisurely approach in the morning, they may choose to have their breakfast in their room whilst catching up on the news, coffee in our cosy lounges with visiting family and then dinner, socialising amongst friends in our beautiful dining rooms.

In our dining rooms, we spend time making sure the atmosphere is just right with background music playing to provide a nice ambiance, and beautifully laid tables complete with table menus so people can choose what they would like.

It is important to us to also ensure our residents are supported to remain as independent as possible so we provide a range of tableware, including specially designed cutlery and cups, which help make eating and drinking independently as easy as possible. And, of course, our team members are always on hand should anyone need extra support.

Dining when living with dementia

Our team is skilled at creating an enjoyable and tailored mealtime experience for our residents who live with dementia.

Creating a calming atmosphere is important, so we reduce distractions as much as possible and spend time with residents, providing gentle encouragement and support.

We also set up serving plates, where the different options for a meal are plated up and shown to residents, so they are able to see and smell the choices and choose which option appeals to them most. And, for those people who prefer not to sit at the dining table for long, we also offer food that can be enjoyed on the go – ensuring we tailor the dining experience to their preferences.

In order to support people to remain as independent as possible, we also have tableware which makes eating independently easier. From plates with coloured rims to provide contrast, so people can see where the plate finishes and the table begins, to adapted cutlery, glasses and cups, they are also designed to support independence and contentment during meals.

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