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Our compassionate dementia care home in Drayton

Living with dementia can affect people in very different ways and often, their symptoms can change and alter in their prominence from moment to moment and over time as their condition develops.

At Brooklands, our approach to dementia care at our care home in Norfolk, is one of compassion, kindness and sensitivity, where residents are supported to live meaningful lives full of happiness, acceptance and contentment, irrespective of the type of dementia they live with and their symptoms at any given time.

We achieve this sensitive approach by spending time with our residents, and those closest to them, gaining an understanding of their medical and wellbeing needs, their likes and dislikes and how their dementia currently affects them which, in turn, enables our loving team members to deliver the very best care and support.

We pride ourselves on being one of the leading dementia care homes in Drayton, offering support to our residents as well as their family and friends.

By cherishing and nurturing each person’s individuality, and developing a true understanding of them, we form close bonds with our residents and are able to read small changes in someone’s mood and overall wellbeing at any given time. By reading someone’s body language, tone of voice and facial expressions we have an accurate insight into how they are feeling at that particular time. This enables us to tailor our care in a flexible and responsive way, which evolves with their changing condition, helps us to promote choice and independence and support feelings of happiness and safety whilst minimising insecurity, anxiety and frustration.

Life with us

We provide a variety of tailored activities and dining options for our residents living with dementia, supporting them to enjoy their days and feel valued and contented.

Our home environment is also specially designed to support the overall wellbeing of our residents who live with dementia, with a balance of beautiful, serene places to relax in coupled with a variety of shared spaces in which to socialise and promote meaningful engagement.

Our dementia suite can accommodate up to 15 residents, enabling our award-winning team to sensitively cater to each resident’s individual needs.

A home for life

As we are able to provide a variety of care within our home, including residential dementia care and nursing care, in addition to day care and respite care, our residents should never find themselves in a situation where we are unable to meet their needs.

Supporting family

Our kind and caring approach extends to our residents’ family and friends too, as well as carers within our local community, as we appreciate how the effects of their loved one’s condition impacts many people beyond the person living with dementia.

This is why our compassionate team is always on hand to provide a listening ear or have a chat, and we also host regular events, to help families, and people within our local community in Drayton, better understand the condition.

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